Weddings at Wildwood Resort – Your wedding is a special time for you and those you love! Why should you settle for a wedding in town? You are one of a kind so let us help you create a wedding to reflect your personality. Weddings at Wildwood are unique and memorable. You have several sites on our property to choose from for your event. All of them, from our spacious Conference Center designed like an old River House with a wonderful Veranda to our expansive pool deck that puts you one on one with nature, will make your wedding memorable. Professional caterers will customize and prepare a menu of gourmet dishes to your specifications. Don’t worry about having to travel after your reception – stay in one of our “Love Bug Lodges”. These spacious Lodges with vaulted ceilings offer lovely furnishings, fireplaces and huge Jacuzzis. The rest of your family and friends can stay in our suites and lodges near the reception.

Special Events With Gourmet Catering Weddings

Wildwood Resort is ready to host any type of special event, even a formal wedding and reception, the staff at Wildwood can meet your every need!
We have added a new deck next to the Pavilion to provide even more room for weddings and receptions. Our two conference centers and Pavilion all have commercial grade kitchens. We also have large commercial barbeque grills where we can provide the finest tasting barbeque for informal receptions!